EDKB Software Setup

Known issues

You will notice some delay the first time you run EDKB due to the need to download the entire EDKB application. You may also be prompted to update your version of Java before EDKB itself is started. Future uses of the software will only download parts of the application that have been changed, if any, and should start much quicker.

Error message "Connection failed: the network adapter could not establish the connectionThis might be due to your organization's firewall. Many firewalls are set up to only allow traffic to destination port 80 on remote hosts (web traffic). However, the EDKB server needs to be contacted on port 1610. Thus, you need to contact your system administrator about this particular port number (port 1528) that may need to be allowed as a destination port for outgoing connections on your organization's firewall. The following statement is prepared for your convenience to communicate with your system administrator: "The EDKB server edkb.fda.gov is listening on port 1610 for connections from the EDKB client software. An organization whose hosts are to run the EDKB client software needs to allow outgoing connections from any port (source port is randomly chosen on the client as is usual with internet communications), to the fixed destination port of 1610 on edkb.fda.gov.?

Error message during installation "Couldn.t load jnlp file to XThe following steps will fix the problem: 1) open "Internet Options." under the "Tools?menu of our or any website; 2) select the "General" Panel and click the "Settings" button in the Temporary Internet files section (2nd section); and 3) select the "Every visit to the page?check box, and click OK. If it still doesn't fix the problem, click the "Delete Files" button instead of the "Settings" button in Step 2 and click OK.

Contact Information

Please address any questions and suggestions to Dr. Weida Tong at +1-870-543-7142 (voice) or weida.tong@fda.hhs.gov.

For any technical problem and reporting bugs, please send e-mail to NCTRBioinformaticsSupport@FDA.HHS.GOV

EDKB is a product designed and produces by the National Center for Toxicological Research and the NCTR and FDA retain ownership of this project.