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You'll be able to run ArrayTrack on your local machine by following one or two simple steps, depending on whether the correct Java is already installed on your machine.

      Step 1: If you already have Java 6 or greater, proceed to Step 2.

      Step 2: Click here to install and run ArrayTrack.

        You can also use this link in the future to run ArrayTrack, or let ArrayTrack place icons on your desktop and start menu when prompted.

    Documentation and Tutorials


    Please address any questions and suggestions to:
    Dr. Weida Tong at +1-870-543-7387 (voice) or
    Dr. Hong Fang at +1-870-543-7538 (voice) or
    For more information, please visit the NCTR/FDA's Center for Toxicoinformatics.


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      More papers

    ArrayTrack is a product designed and produced by the National Center for Toxicological Research and the NCTR and FDA retain ownership of this product.

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